Rating: 4/5
Director Cherag Ruparel sets up a pacy thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seats for its entire run time

Having seen so many thrillers now, setting up a crisp entity in this age and day is a difficult task. But Yeh Saali Aashiqui doesn’t disappoint you. Not even one bit. While the trailers kept your interest levels high, the film rightly justifies all of them. In fact the gripping premise doesn’t let you blink. And the film here ensures you adore every cinematic quality the film throws at you.

Yeh saali aashiqui, hindi, film, review, 2019
Vardhan Puri, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Director Cherag Ruparel during promotions (image source: india.com)

Sahil Mehra (Vardhan Puri) and Mittee Deora (Shivaleeka Oberoi) are final year students of hotel management, with the latter being the new entrant in the batch. They fall for each other in no time, for the simplicity, innocence, and charm they both exude. But are they actually sweet? Or is anyone playing a game? Or are both doing so?

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Written by Ruparel and Vardhan Puri (also the lead actor), the story is extremely appealing, the way it is conceptualized. Taking off like a romantic tale of two youngsters, the film sparks off dialogues with the first conflict in the narrative, giving rise to many more of them. You as an audience, are for a spin then.

Touching on a very important and relevant message for the youth of today, the film also isn’t just another entertainer. It is in fact extremely contemporary and has a deep meaning. Know the person first, then proceed for a relationship, is what the film tells. Rightly so.

The story has been written as a two faced coin, and till the point of climax, you as an audience (even if you are a smart one) aren’t able to guess what the writers have planned for you. The biggest beauty of the film is its suspense with twists that genuinely elevate the tension.

Yeh saali aashiqui, review, film, hindi, 2019
Scenes from the film (image source: latestly.com)

Coming to think of it, it’s a case of smart casting. Fresh faces don’t carry the baggage which stars might do. Since they are totally unknown, the tension in the film is palpable without you taking bias on the basis of their personalities. They don’t have pre-conceived personalities attached.

In one moment, you are smiling at the charming love story between college buddies. And in just the next point, the same person is unbelievably horrific and cruel. It is this surprise that has you amazed and puzzled. The film deserves full attention and while you might want to see that message buzzing on your phone in theaters, you’ll be making a big mistake.

The film might come off as a little drag as it takes its own time to set up. You may feel that the run time could be shortened.


Both the debutants in leading roles- Vardhan Puri and Shivaleeka Oberoi have put their best foot forward. They are both raw, but inherently suited for the plot. There are scenes which require them to be vulnerable and shrewd within the same set. As difficult as it may sound, they have pulled it off with grace. They make the watch very entertaining. Both of them have varied shades in their characters and they live up to all of them with the same intensity.

One point extra to Puri for even writing the film with such clever mind.

Ruslan Mumtaz in a small role is very good and brings in fine display of depth. Jesse Lever also has a well structured role and he supports the main cast like a strong pillar, adding flair into the overall characterisation.


Hitesh Modak’s music is good, could be better to create a mood more grave. But it works for the plot in the course. The raps incorporated bind the drama well. The background score is undoubtedly a winner in this one. The score does it for you. Properly. With great effect. The dots seem to connect with intelligent score.

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Camera by Pratik Shah is good where he has played with lighting a lot. While it does create a separate space, it doesn’t seem very logical at times. Production design is well thought of with the sets giving you visual realism. The colors are warm where needed and cool where the requirement is. The sets are believable, and hence the drama holds greater merit.

Editing by Anirban Dutta is exemplary. He has caught hold of even the minutest details of the narrative and worked on how it could give rise to conflicting situations in the plot. The film is a visual treat, majorly because of tightened task on the editing table. Since the story is told through dual perspectives, going back and forth is interestingly achieved.

The film is a colorful addition to the films that rightfully give credit to the genre. With just the right amount of thrill, without going overboard, the makers have left no stone unturned in wooing you. Watch this right now, at least before someone spills the beans. Wish there was more promotion and the film didn’t have to witness near vacant theaters.

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