It’s not that you haven’t seen films with solo actors and ‘survival’ as the theme before. Who can forget the classics ‘Cast Away’ or ‘127Hours’ just to name a few??? But Trapped is different, for the fact that it keeps it’s protagonist right in the center of one of the most populated and biggest cities of the country, and still keeps him aloof. And that’s the biggest and the most striking beauty of the film.

The plot as the trailers suggested revolves around Shaurya (Rajkummar Rao) who being victim of a hurried decision in his life rents a flat in one of the busiest localities of Mumbai only to find himself locked inside his own house for several days. The story is a tale of his survival in a 1BHK apartment with no food, water, and electricity.

While the trailers indicated it to be a gripping and powerful film, they also raised questions about a few loopholes- what about his mobile phone, what about neighbours, watchman, water supply and so on. But hats off to Vikramaditya Motwane (of Udaan and Lootera fame) for leaving no scope for questions, especially in terms of these basic necessities in today’s urban life set-up, on which each one of us heavily relies on.

Trapped Hindi Movie Review
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The film begins with a sweet set-up of what leads the title character to a stranded flat, moving slowly n gradually to situations that are so real that the audience doesn’t have a doubt for even once that ‘ahh it can’t happen’ or ‘it’s a bit too much’. The story and more importantly the screenplay has been penned in a way that the plot is believable in whatever happens on screen- right from the word go to the end of 104mins when the end credits roll.

The film apart from being entertaining is also a take on relationships and the city life in today’s era- where despite being surrounded by so many people, you are always on your own and alone. The film depicts the city as never before, where the camera doesn’t move around the city to give you the glimpse, but it does it through nuances.

With no interval, the film offers gripping plot, to-the-point screenplay, and magnificently brilliant performance- all packed in one. There are some very fine moments; some that take you at the edge of your seat (one where the girl next door is seen acting wisely), while some where you actually smile along with the lead character (the rain sequence). Having said that, the film is only and ONLY for classes and masses may feel disoriented with the subject.

Bollywood Film Trapped Review | Rajkummar Rao
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It’s not one of the best performances of Rajkummar Rao. Its undoubtedly his best performance till date. Through his simple demeanour, he puts forth shyness, poise, calmness, sincerity, anger, frustration, dejection, upset, fear, hope, sadness, happiness- all in one film. The best part about him being an actor here is that he doesn’t seem to be acting at all. Salutes.

While there’s nothing too great about technicalities like editing or great camera work, background score is definitely to look for. It doesn’t excel on technical grounds like Motwane’s earlier films, but it definitely scores Brownie points for being so symbolic and real- both at the same time.

It’s a story of Shaurya meaning valor  (a reason may be why the lead character is named thus) but more particularly it’s a story of you, me, and probably everyone around us who’s living in a place called earth- trying to survive.

Rochak Saxena

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