After watching ‘Simran’, there’s one thing that you ask- why was this film even made? Did it try to give a message? Or did it attempt empowering women? Or was it for sheer entertainment? Because neither of the above notions is fulfilled.

Praful Patel aka Praf (Kangana) is an ambitious-i-live-my-way types girl living in Atlanta along with parents, who wish to get her married to a decent guy after she’s been divorced. Praful works in a hotel in the housekeeping department and what she only dreams of is to have a house of her own. She’s completely unapologetic about the way she leads her life, pursues men, and is unafraid to try her luck at things. One day she tries her luck at gambling in Las Vegas while attending her cousin’s bachelorete vacation. It is only here that her life changes drastically leading her to situations otherwise considered a mishap.

The film does have a story-line by Apurva Asrani that’s novel but overall futile. It fails to connect with the audience as it lacks sincerity. As a matter of fact, it’s very easy to let it pass with neither having to give it a thought nor getting entertained. There are questions which are left unanswered. Why is Praful shown a divorcee? What led to her divorce? Why was Mike arrested? And the likes. The story is inspired by a real life woman. But it hasn’t covered the loopholes.

Bollywood Film Simran Review
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One thing to mention here. The movie’s title is Simran, which is not the protagonist’s name. While watching the film, the moment you get to know that the lead is named Praful, you wonder why Simran. And yes, you do get the answer. But… Enough said.

The film moves rather slow giving full time for the characters to develop. The trailers revealed that Praful is a thief. But the point where she steals something for the first time comes just before the interval. Yes, what should be appreciated is the part that the makers have well woven a love story, that is indeed endearing. The entire plot has humor as its one of the main elements of story telling, which definitely makes the audience smile, if not laugh.

The film does bring forth several underlying themes such as societal norms, common definitions of character flaws, feminism, religion and name calling. Yes, these are few points which could have lifted the film to an all new height. Sadly, they come and go without leaving an impression.

Simran Hindi Movie Review
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Kangana makes good effort as Praful. She’s charming and suits the role. Throughout the film, she has a naivety in her character which makes you both- like and dislike her. Sohum Sham as Sameer does a fine job as a restricted partner. He’s mature, sincere. Very good casting by the makers. Hiten Kumar as Praful’s nagging father is brilliant. Praful dislikes him for pressuring her too much, and it does get conveyed across. Kishori Shahane as Praful’s mother too makes a lasting impression.

Music does no good to the plot. Though the songs are soothing and try to convey a deeper meaning to the piece, they lack in their appeal. Camera is shaky at quite a few places. But production design is good for the fact it keeps the film grounded. Its a simple film without too much of glamour.

Credited with brilliant films like Shahid, Citylights, Aligarh, Hansal Mehta does disappoint here. He’s known to convey emotions and hidden feelings. This one remains very basic. Probably the story wasn’t worthy enough to be made into a film. Probably it just needed more sincerity and a little more emotions.

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