Rating: 1/5
Irrfan in the heavens would be really upset seeing this film getting a release and being promoted in his name

Why did Irrfan consent for this film in the first place? This is a mystery and will go unsolved. Murder at Teesri Manzil 302 was not needed to release. Infact it wasn’t needed even in 2009. Such amateur attempt at making a thriller that you guess exactly what will happen during the course. Just because it has a legendary actor, doesn’t mean it should have been released. Even a child could have told the makers that it was a bad idea to get the film released. Zee5, are you so desperate to get content?

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When a businessman’s wife is kidnapped, the investigation officer finds something unusual about the case. Can it be solved?


Is there even a story in the film that one can talk about? The writers Navneet-Vishal must have thought that this is a story. Sadly, it’s not. A story in which you guess the entire trajectory right in its first scene isn’t worth your time at all. To add to the woes, which the writers thought are engaging plot points, are multiple twists within the drama, that are so childish that they keep coming every 10mins into the film and do nothing except annoying you. The writers have made their characters do some weird things in the name of twists, to make you look with suspicion towards every character. Doesn’t help.

The film in its screenplay also travels back and forth to reveal a certain sequence and its back story. To some extent, it does give some visual material to hook on to, otherwise a linear structure would have been plain boring. More than the screenplay, it seems this has been achieved on the edit table and if it is so, it’s a masterstroke in a story that can’t stand for a second on its own.

Murder at teesri manzil 302, zee5, hindi, film, review, 2021
A still from the film (image source: zee5)

There are only 5 people in the film, two of whom are shown to be police officers. The police officers are so casual and comic (not intentionally) about their approach that you thank your system that such officers don’t exist for real. Things keep happening under their nose and they aren’t able to do one single thing in the direction of solving the case which involves catching the murderer. They are made to look extra cool with the male officer (played by Lucky Ali) sporting a leather jacket, hippy beard and dark shades (the in-thing with cool cops probably in 2009) straight out of his hangover. He is supported by a fashionista female cop (played by Nausheen Ali Sardar) who only exists.

The scenes are clearly dead. Infact the film is dead right at the point of its arrival. There is no energy whatsoever in anything that you see. Kidnap, murder, love, twist, betrayal, plotting- nothing comes across. Chances are high that you will play this film on 2x and will still regret watching it. Chances are that you run through only for the love and respect of Irrfan. Even if you don’t watch this or hate it (which you will ofcourse), be assured that your love for Irrfan will not be questioned.


The only good thing about the film is Irrfan’s acting, which is also not as great as he was capable of doing. He however manages to keep you invested in the drama that otherwise has nothing to offer.

Watching Deepal Shaw here reminds you of A Wednesday, not because the roles are similar or anything. Only because you’ve hardly seen her otherwise. She is okay.

Murder at teesri manzil 302, zee5, hindi, film, review, 2021
A scene from the film (image source: youtube.com)

Ranvir Shorey is a caricature in this film. He is a great actor, undoubtedly. What happened to him here is also a matter of concern.

Lucky Ali has been made to look like a joker, both character wise and by his physical appearance. He doesn’t contribute to any extent. Similarly, Nausheen Ali Sardar is also there just for the sake of it. Neither does she act well, nor is her role any good for the plot.


Music by Sajid-Wajid is a bore. Simply. Clearly. The songs aid you in skipping the film. Background score by Sandeep Shirodkar is also very primitive. It seems as if someone just composed the score to pass time. That passing of time also isn’t fruitful.

Cinematography by Ravi Walia is below average. The camera goes dutch at places just for visual variety without any meaning in the scenes. The multi coloured lights serve no purpose for the visual enrichment that is intended. Production design is also bland. There are clearly scenes where you can make out that the makers positioned the camera randomly without caring for set design at all.

Irfan Ishak on the editing table tries hard to give the film some edge, which the writers or other key members didn’t bother to achieve. Saving grace, to some extent.

It’s a poor film. For the time it was made in. And definitely for 2021. This is the worst end that you could possibly think for your year.

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