Rating: 3.5/5
Director Mohit Suri entertains you nicely, with a musical that’s also edgy

Mohit Suri is known to create films that bank on their music to quite an extent. This one doesn’t disappoint either on that front. The trailer promised twists and turns. Indeed the film has many of them. Some very good, some routine. And this very nature of the narrative entertains you to decent amount. Malang is a film that’s designed to give you a good time in theaters, but expecting a great plot would be asking for too much. However, it’s definitely not bad.

Malanh, review, hindi, film, 2020
(Clockwise from Left) Anil Kapoor, Disha Patani, Director Mohit Suri, Kunal Kemmu, Aditya Roy Kapur (image source: indiawest.com)

It’s 24th December. Advait (Aditya Roy Kapur), who’s released from jail calls a ruthless and carefree cop Agashe (Anil Kapoor). He informs that he’s about to kill someone, in a way challenging the police force of Goa. It is revealed that he’s killed a police officer, making the police force go on their toes. Enter another cop, a suave police officer Michael (Kunal Kemmu), who unlike Agashe, follows system and protocol.

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Aseem Arrora and Aniruddha Guha’s story and screenplay respectively work well for a thriller. The film moves in a non-linear structure going back and forth revealing only what you need to know at that particular point, to remain invested.

The writers have infused the plot with Goa-isms, with complete free hand. The life of freedom that one associates with Goa, fun and adventure, liveliness, and of course the darker sides involving drug abuse wherein snorting and smoking joints is a common phenomenon. Back this up with crime and shady scenarios.

Malang, hindi, film, review, 2020
Cast of the film during promotions (image source: radiocity.in)

For the regular film viewers and those who watch keenly, they might be able to predict why Advait is on a killing spree. Blame it on the makers here, to some extent, for giving things that actually take you guessing and assuming, which in all probability will fall true. But but but, thankfully the writers have brought in a refreshing angle to the narrative for this suspense and broken the conventional forms.

The makers deserve thumbs up for keeping it tight. Especially in the second half when the things unfold, it becomes all the way more enjoyable to know how it happened what happened. Also, the layers that each character carries is also commendable. Good sketching of characters.

All said and done, the film still remains on surface and the emotional quotient falls short. For a film of this genre, it entertains effectively though


Aditya Roy Kapur has made a visible effort on his body. It shows. Also, as someone brutally out there to murder people, he suits in his angst. Also, as a carefree boy in the past, he has his vulnerabilities on point.

Disha Patani has got a chance finally after M S Dhoni: The Untold Story to showcase her acting skills. She is very much in sync with the mood of the film. She is good in both- happy as well as emotional situations.

Anil Kapoor as always is bang on. Hie character is weird and it suits him. Kunal Kemmu is a winner in this one, for sure. He’s worked on his body and also the mannerisms of his character with great effort. It must be said that these two have clearly performed better than the lead pair.

Elli Avrram has a fantastic supporting role. Although it doesn’t demand impressive acting skills, she suits the role to the highest level.


The songs by Mithoon, Ankit Tiwari, and Ved Sharma are already making the audience groove. In the film, they add to the vibrant dimension of the narrative. Just like how characters would be experiencing given it resembles a real life, the songs help transport you to their world. Raju Singh’s score is satisfactorily okay. You get the feel, and that’s about it.

Cinematography by Vikas Sivaraman focuses on creating a visual spectacle. Be it the carefree life of Goa or the colors splashed, or even the dark facets of the place converted to the Bollywoodised version of stylized crime, camera has worked wonders. Production design by Vintee Bansal and Sidhant Malhotra too is visually rich.

Malang, hindi, film, review, 2020
On sets of the film (image source: mumbaimirror.com)

Editing by Devendra Murdeshwar is interesting. First for the shape that he’s given the film and also the small cuts and transitions within the shots. The structure of the film is thrilling, making you glued.

Overall the film will give you a good time. That’s what that matters. Isn’t it? Go for it.

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