Rating: 2/5
Director SSaurabh Tyagi builds up on a news event and gives a comedy that doesn’t have much to adore

It was a viral news few years ago. This is the makers’ fictional version of what must have happened and how things must have shaped around it. Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai? is an interesting concept to think of, but that’s not enough. The concept itself lacks gravitas. It doesn’t have anything more than this one line. Ofcourse it is all fiction, but even that doesn’t suffice here. Only because a proper thought hasn’t been given to it.

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Set in Bareilly, the story talks about the love story of allegedly the most good looking people in the city- Sintu (Jassie Gill) and Sonam Gupta (Surbhi Jyoti). The film is a dramatised build up of the news event that surfaced a few years ago where a currency note with the words written ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’ (Sonam Gupta is disloyal) went viral.


Written by Tyagi himself, the film isn’t able to move beyond being the simple one liner tale. The biggest problem of the film is that in reaching the main point of conflict, it takes forever. Till the time it reaches there, it is only a case of typical love story of Bollywood where a good-for-nothing boy stalks a girl and the girl falls for him.

The problem also lies in how the film is presented on screen through its misogynistic and sexist approach. The film, in a way also conveys that UP as a state is so casual about calling names to women or being so sexist in its language. Now this however if true or not, is a different thing altogether. Seeing such a primitive approach about something that holds importance to the narrative doesn’t go very well with the audience.

kya meri sonam gupta bewafa hai, zee5, film, hindi, review, 2021
Scenes from the film (image source: latestly.com)

There is an attempt of comedy, by painting the girl’s character in a certain way. Not that the girl only needs to be timid, and reserved, and shy, and very feminine. The characterisation isn’t a problem. The fact that whatever she does has been asked to absorb and accept in a good light, is a problem.

The screenplay boasts of convenience. First, it doesn’t give you enough substance till very late in the runtime. Secondly, many tracks involving many characters around one thin line takes the charm away. Also, the lasting effect is never created in terms of what happens on screen. If the guy has fallen in love or the girl has cheated him and left, or when they meet again or what happens in the climax- you watch but aren’t moved by it. What is good is the ending. You think that the film will end in a certain way, but it doesn’t. And that’s a relief.


The performances in the film are enriching, that’s a major reason why you sit through the film.

Jassie Gill is adorable in the role of a loser yet high on ambitions guy. He thinks big, dreams big- LARGE, literally. Even his car says so. Although you don’t like the character at all for what he is, this means that you do like Jassie as an actor.

Surbhi Jyoti has also given a fine performance. She has various shades in the film, most of which make you dislike her. Again, meaning that Surbhi has delivered right on the mark.

kya meri sonam gupta bewafa hai, zee5, review, film, hindi, 2021
A scene from the film (image source: zee5)

Brijendra Kala is supremely amazing. He has a strong role and he delivers well. It is such a delight to watch him that you wish he was there for more time. Vibha Chibber is extremely loud, but that works well for the character she is in. She acts brilliantly.

Surekha Sikri continues to touch you with a seasoned performance. May the Almighty rest her soul in peace. Atul Srivastava also has his defining moments and he shines remarkably in emotional scenes. Vijay Raaz lends star power to the narrative and brings in an element of conflict in the plot.


The songs act as breathers but in all probability, you will skip them. They don’t add much value to the narrative. The background score by Amar Mohile also could have been better to lift up certain scenes. There are scenes which bring in a twist or add an emotional quotient. But they move ahead flat because you don’t have them savored by the score.

Cinematography by R M Sswamy is good and the visual appeal comes across nicely. The locations and sets all brim with life and you get a visual feel of UP and its various locations. The production design also has been crafted with great research and thought. Full marks to costumes by Sahiba Vij for giving all the characters justified and right kind of costumes. A major portion of the film stays with you, also because of fine display of costumes.

Editing by Sailesh Dubey is inclined towards being below average. The film could be much sharper and crisper. It could have been tighter by way of how runtime has been planned. The sequences are too many and stretched. Unnecessary scenes also take the film longer.

Idea and performances- these are the two things that the film scores on. But nearly all other aspects including the story fall behind. It can be missed.

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