Rating: 4/5
Director Nitin Kakkar serves masala in an urban tale of modern relationships

Saif Ali Khan here takes an extension from what he was in the first half of Cocktail. While he enjoys himself to the core, you like him too. Jawaani Jaaneman gives him scope to live his youth yet again, making you and him reminisce the hit track Ole Ole. It is undoubtedly him who takes a big bite of the cake. For the rest of the film making elements, it remains a strongly funny and entertaining film, giving your weekend a youthful burst.

Jawaani jaaneman, film, hindi, review, 2020
Director Nitin Kakkar, Tabu, Saif Ali Khan, Alaya F on sets (image source: upinfonews.com)

A carefree, middle-aged man Jaswinder aka Jazz (Saif Ali Khan) likes to spend his time partying all night with beautiful women. One day, suddenly out of nowhere he is introduced to his daughter Tia (Alaya F) who is pregnant.  After spending some time in denial, he accepts his daughter and invites her to stay with him. After which, her “Hippie” mother Ananya (Tabu) too, shows up.

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The writing is by Hussain Dalal with dialogues by Abbas Dalal. All the right punches at the right time, the film is contemporary and is also packed with humor and emotions. The writers have managed to put out a new concept brilliantly, with enough laughter and a gripping story line.

The first half of the movie is a complete laughter riot, followed by a comparatively emotional second half. The execution of this film is quite unique as the lead characters are instantly exposed and there on Nitin Kakkar plans on playing with the script to film the everyday humor which will definitely bring a parade of claps and keep you rolling in the aisles.

Jawaani jaaneman, hindi, film, review, 2020
A scene from the film (image source: hindustantimes.com)

The writers have managed to bring the transition of each character successfully and being updated with the new age humor has made it more realistic. Meanwhile, as you move towards the second half of the film, the exotically “hippie” Tabu captivates the audience with her entrance.

Of course, it the second half that follows the conventions of emotions and might come off as preachy to some. But you will surely let it pass for all what you’ve been offered by now. There’s a sad part though. Two seasoned actors- Saif and Tabu have been sharing screen space after so long. The audience definitely deserves more of them. Unfortunately, you don’t get to cherish them together much.


Saif Ali Khan brings charm as he always does, playing with his natural suave and urban acting. The film belongs to him and he doesn’t disappoint. It is quite evident how much he is enjoying himself in a role that seems sketched only for him.

Amazingly surprising is Alaya F. You like her for whatever she does. Believe, it’s her first film. She is not only confident but matches the others in the frames too elegantly. She surely has potential to be the next big star of the industry.

Jawaani jaaneman, review, film, hindi, 2020
On sets of the film (image source: instagram.com)

Tabu has a relatively smaller screen time. But she manages to make you groove with her. Hats off to her for choosing such diverse roles. And then, nailing them with effortless ease.

Kubbra Sait is also one person who you should notice with keen eye. She has been given a strong character and she makes sure she flows with it. She brings in a certain sense of believability in her that you instantly relate to her.

Kumud Mishra, Chunky Panday, Farida Jalal have smaller roles but they stamp confidence on the narrative with their touch.


Music is full of energy and life. It doesn’t contribute well to the plot though. But you don’t mind it so much. Score by Ketan Sodha brims with modernity and liveliness. Right from the word ‘go’, the film makes you indulge deeply.

Camera by Manoj Kumar Khatoi should be appreciated for the visual richness the film offers. The colours are bright, for just the right level. Production design too is very smart. The sets for indoors and particularly the locations chosen go well in sync with the positioning of the overall plot.

Editing by Sachinder Vats is amazing. While in the first half, it keeps you in splits, in the second, it attempts to touch your hearts.

Weekend sorted. This one is your go to film. Without being judgmental in the end, the film hits the right chords. Go for it.

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