Rating: 2/5
It’s difficult to understand why the makers invested so much resources in a film like this

Just so that you can justify the title of the film, you make your characters drive the sports cars every 10 mins into the film. Does it serve a purpose? Clearly no. Having seen so many heist films in the past, in Hindi cinema or internationally more recently, if this is what the makers will throw at you, you wonder can such people ever contribute in strengths of Hindi cinema. Drive offers nothing new. Absolutely nothing. Even that would have been fine if the screenplay was presented in a distinct light. Alas!

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A mastermind thief named King has caused a major setback for the police, and more so, in the Rashtrapati Bhavan because following to his habit of informing the agencies about his next step, he has challenged them by saying that it’s the highly secured Rashtrapati Bhavan he’ll break in.

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Dostana fame Tarun Mansukhani has written and helmed this one. How and why couldn’t he come up with decent narrative is a big question. Does this mean that this man, instead of growing up in life, wants to stoop down? The story hardly has anything to keep you hooked on for long.

The story doesn’t thrill you. It doesn’t drive you crazy. It doesn’t give you the adrenaline rush. Everything here in the heist plans is very convenient as if you snap and steal, from Rashtrapati Bhavan for God’s sake. The twists do occur, but don’t lift the narrative or the pace. There are also a lot of ideological differences that you feel while you watch this. But again, there’s no point of considering the plausibility or the viability of the plot.

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Shots from the film promotions (image source: indianexpress.com)

There is only one thing to actually look out for, that too if you simply cut your brains off. The films gives you good looking people, faces that are familiar, and the makers have dressed them glamorously. The visual appeal, for the characters, keeps you connected till the end. How this is shabbily downplayed is a extremely plastic VFX. This is 2019 turns you off to a great deal. The film looks like a second class video game, which you do not want to play, just looking at the graphics.

All the glitches would have lessened in magnitude if the film released on a big screen. While you watch this on Netflix at your convenience, on mobile phones or TV or laptops, the film is totally finished.


Sushant Singh Rajput is a very good actor. Undoubtedly. What has happened to him in this one? You ask. An actor who showed his brilliance on TV and then hit a masterstroke in his debut film shouldn’t have given a performance so average. He is just not Sushant, as you know him.

Jacqueline Fernandes is very very glamorous. And does the needful. You can’t expect better from her.

Boman Irani is only okay. The role isn’t written well and comes across as funny most of the times. Not because Irani isn’t good, but how makers have made a mockery of him.

Drive, Netflix, hindi, review, film, 2019
On sets of the film with director Tarun Mansukhani in white (image source: bollywoodhungama.com)

Pankaj Tripathi’s role is a very strong one. Atleast that’s what makers want you to believe. But even his sketch serves no greater good.

Vibha Chibber is ridiculously funny, although her character is a serious one. Hence, the part gone wrong. She is a brilliant actress. But couldn’t help at the hands of tiresome writing.

Sapna Pabbi and Vikramjeet Virk are good and lend able support. They give the structure the required punch, whenever there is space.


Songs are a hindrance. They have been added only to increase the run time. Had they not been there, your troubles would have come down to some extent. Background score by Qaran too is jarring at some portions, and dull at some other. It doesn’t wrap the film well.

Cinematography by Vishal Sinha is visually enriching with lots of colors and a show of pomp. But whenever the film resorts to VFX, which it does majorly, it’s an off track venture. Production design also is very conveniently done without much thought on making it look strong and real.

Editing by Mansukhani himself boasts of sharp cuts with present and past oscillating. But overall the attempt of making it convoluted falls right on the makers’ faces.

It’s 2019. With so much happening across the globe in terms of thrill, especially heist genre, if this is what Bollywood will give you, it is bound to face charges of being foolishly conceived. Even with actors of such immense caliber, Dharma Productions gives you a piece that is hard to even finish in one go. Is the production house ready to face criticism yet again?

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