While COMMANDO (released in 2013, directed by Dilip Ghosh) made a mark in the audience’s minds despite being not-so-good on the story front (courtesy- its fresh and raw action sequences), COMMANDO 2 directed by Deven Bhojani fails to impress, with being tolerable only in parts.

This one promised to be an out and out action flick, basic requirement for which is some jaw dropping stunts and edge of the seat moments- which are very few. Yes there are moments where you marvel Vidyut for his swiftness. But there should have been more of it.

The plot deals with getting India’s black money in foreign accounts back into the country. For the same Indian Home Minister (Shefali Shah) sets up a team of loose officers namely ACP Bakhtavar (Freddy Daruwala), Inspector Bhavna Reddy (Adah Sharma), Cyber expert Zafar Hussain (Sumit Gulati) and Inspector Pandey. Sensing something fishy in Indian Govt’s plan, Captain Karan, a former Commando-turned Special Cell Agent (Vidyut Jamwal) infiltrates into the gang by framing Pandey and becomes a part of the team. The team travels to Malaysia to fetch Vicky Chadha (Anoop Singh) and his wife Maria (Esha Gupta), both black money launderers to India. What happens amid twists in the foreign land and if the country gets back its reserve of black money is what the film is about.

Commando 2 Bollywood Movie Review
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The makers have tried their level best (the only good thing about the film) to make the story right, tight, and engaging by incorporating numerous twists into the plot- but have ended up serving a piece similar to Race. The screenplay is such that it doesn’t connect with the audience and seems fake. Too many instances where things happen too easily don’t go well with the audience. The story is complex and the attempt has been made to make it look serious in its approach, but it hasn’t been accomplished satisfactorily.

The first half is easy going and by the time you connect to the characters, you get intermission- yes, with a BIG twist giving an inclination towards a thrilling second half. But the second half is dragged, with audiences wanting to see the climax asap.

Vidyut is good in his role, but the very nature of the screenplay reveals his real heroism only in the last scene. All through he comes across as naive, too hard to digest for a Commando. He looks good. But the role isn’t sketched well. Seems he’s been wasted. Esha is ok. There’s nothing great about her. Freddy is a good actor. And he portrays his part as required. Sumit is average and underplays his character as needed. Anoop is fine. Who shines the most is Adah aa the fashionable South Indian police officer. With her typical accent and loud mannerisms, her character deserves special mention. The film has a graph only because of her. She’s probably the best actor in the film. Shefali is good in her suspense-filled role.

Commando 2 Hindi Film Review
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Cinematography and editing are not something to shout about. Background music is good, though in places only.

On the whole, the film could have been crisper by the way it is treated. There’s a reason why action genre isn’t respected in Bollywood. Commando 2 with the presence of Jamwal had the potential of changing the notion, after the promises by Deven Bhojani (known for his extraordinary comic outings), but it doesn’t do so.

An abrupt film, leaving the expectations unfulfilled.


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