Rating: 3/5
Director Ranjan Chandel weaves a love story amid turbulent backdrop of politics and hooliganism

The film is presented by Anurag Kashyap. Paresh Rawal and Swaroop Sampat’s son makes his debut as an actor. The film boasts of powerful performances. It’s self-isolation time due to COVID-19. All of this surely give Bamfaad takers. But despite all this, the film still remains a decent one-time watch and never really takes off from that point. Gripping in parts and loose in some, there is not much novelty when it comes to filmmaking.

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Scenes from the film (image source: techzimo.com)

The story is set in Allahabad. Naaser Jamaal aka Naate (Aditya Rawal), a student, eccentric and dabangg in his own sense comes in the bad books of the local aspiring-to-be-politician, an infamous influencer Jigar Fareedi (Vijay Varma), when he gets into a fight with a student leader. The son of an influential political figure, Naate falls in love with Neelam (Shalini Pandey), who Fareedi is also in love with. Sparks ensue.

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The writing by Hanzalah Shahid and Ranjan Chandel is a mix of all. The story offers hardly anything new in terms of the approach. You’ve seen this typical side of U.P. and love story amid problematic times where the lovers are on a run from the ones out to kill them. The film thus gives you a glimpse of Haasil, Jabariya Jodi, Ishaqzaade, Bullet Raja, or Dhadak for that matter among many others in the positioning of it.

However what works for the makers are the performances by the actors and the dialogues given to them. You will agree that no matter how many films of the same genre you watch, what still captivates you is the authenticity and the typical slang of that place, making a story grow on you. The film here grows on you only because of this reason. Barring this, the film seems repetitive of sorts, of many generic Bollywood flicks.

bamfaad, zee5, review, film, hindi, 2020
Anurag Kashyap with director Ranjan Chandel (image source: zee5.com)

The scenes are accentuated by a clever play of one liners, for which the writers deserve all the credit. Had it not been for those heroic punches or even plain colloquialism, you wouldn’t have been able to tolerate the film. Of course, attempt has been made to put in a lot of elements to make it a tighter watch. Friendship, love angle, student life, student politics, crime, betrayal, goons, rogues and their behavior, the interpretation of love jehad- have been all included as integral parts of the screenplay.

But sadly, apart from the dialogues and acting, the film never soars. You don’t connect with the characters. The chemistry between the lead couple isn’t convincing enough. The love that is shown to be as eternal doesn’t have a meaning. What is refreshing and good for a change is the ending of the film, where you like the choice made by the protagonist. It is during the last 5minutes of the film that your complaints with the characterization seem to cool off a little.


Aditya Rawal in his debut makes a stunning impression. He is just too good. Matching the biggies in the frame, he is no less than a star in the making. Never for a moment does he fall shot or overdo himself. He is all up for all the layers given to him in the character.

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Shalini Pandey too makes a convincing debut. She is good, exuding a firm and confident body language not only for the character but as an actress too.

Vijay Varma is amazing, as always. He is surely making his indelible impression in audience’s minds with the kind of range he is showing as an actor. He commands the frames wherever he is in. He has an aura of a king in the film, and he doesn’t let it fade. All we hope that he keeps getting diverse roles, so that we as audience get to see the genius in him over and over again.

Jatin Sarna in a very important supporting role is wonderful, giving the film the much needed depth and boost to move forward. His role is a memorable one, and his performance fittingly justifies it. Sana Amin Sheikh in a small role is also good.


Music by Vishal Mishra works for the film during the course. However the songs aren’t memorable. Background score by Prashant Pillai is reasonably good. Both these departments could be better, for a greater appeal.

Camera by Piyush Puty works well for the film and it’s visual definition. You like watching the film for what it is. For the same, credits must go to production designer Rakesh Yadav and art director Ratan Bikas Sharma. Together, the team has made sure the film grips your eyes, due to which a lot of the writing flaws are also shadowed.

Editors Nitesh Bhatia and Parikshhit Jha have done well, given the structure of the writing. The narrative is decent, making the film a little predictable, but for the climax.

The film should and must be watched for its wonderful performances and dialogues carrying a wow factor. Expecting too much will result in disappointment. However at a time when you can’t go in theatres, this one is a satisfactory entertainment.

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