Helmed by the same director with a similar title, Badrinath Ki Dulhania is one step ahead of the first installment of its franchise Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and is exactly what the trailers suggested. A fulltoo time-pass entertainer with ample dose of masala, emotions, drama, latka-jhatka, rona-dhona, some social issues like dowry and male chauvinism (touched upon by a hint of humor), and yes- tamma tamma (though the original one still scores better). Yes, its not a film where you should leave your mind at home- it gives you some gyaan, without any showbaazi. While Humpty Sharma… resembled DDLJ, this one is fortunately an original one (or rather a fresh one to be politically correct)

The plot revolves around a ‘rich’ son Badrinath Bansal (Varun) of a rich businessman Ambernath Bansal (Rituraj) in the city of Jhansi, who while attending a wedding in Kota gets smitten by one of the bride’s friends Vaidehi Trivedi (Alia) and proposes her. But Vaidehi who’s not interested in getting married; against the societal norms aspires to fly high by joining Frankfinn Academy. She makes it a point to make it clear to her father (Swanand Kirkire) that she isn’t ready for marriage and that her elder sister should be married first. Badri being madly in love helps find a groom for Vaidehi’s sister after which Vaidehi is left with no reason to say NO to Badri. But its not as simple as it seems.

Badrinath ki Dulhania Movie Review | Bollywood Film Review
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The story is simple but not poor. It has ALL the elements of a good Bollywood love story and a fast paced screenplay especially in the first half gives complete justice to the story. The film in the first half is majorly filled with humor with story slowly progressing- the biggest reason why this film will work. The setting of the plot is kept light with constant references to societal norms (particularly what’s wrong with the mindset of people around, including the boys of younger generation) and no attempt has been made to become preachy.

Having said that, the second half seems a bit dragged when it gets emotional and dramatic. But even then, it has its own moments to cherish.

The story might also seem very routine for a section of audience. Reason: it is actually a routine story which one may have encountered around.

What is to be mentioned here is that two main cities- Jhansi and Kota have been woven into the script nicely, including the costumes and accent spoken by the actors, which is at times the primary reason for humor in the film.

Hindi Film Badrinath ki Dulhnia Movie Review
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Varun is first rate as Badri. Right from the time when he hasn’t even appeared on screen and his narration begins in the backdrop, he evokes laughter. He has caught the accent brilliantly and acts ably. Alia as Kota girl Vaidehi is superb. She must be complimented for doing such wide variety of roles in her career. Sahil Vaid as Badri’s buddy Somdev is brilliant. His chemistry with Varun is to die for. Rituraj is good as Varun’s strict father. Swanand as a middle class man is so real that it seems that he’s not acting at all.

Badrinath… must be watched for a few reasons: good performances, no nonsense family drama (with no cuss words and no vulgarity), it’s beyond a masala film (with a message), and yes- for pure entertainment.

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